Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Elizabeth & Clarke: Winter 2013 Collection

For my 2nd Elizabeth & Clarke seasonal box, I actually chose all short-sleeved tops.  As I explained in the fall, these are all black, white, and sometimes grey basics send to you for $60 (three shirts) on a quarterly basis.  I have been wearing one of my three tops from my previous box pretty consistently (and currently battling a stain on the beloved comfy top), but not the other two.  So I decided I would only keep from this box the pieces I absolutely loved.

My Selections: The Davis, The Paige, and The Warren

Lucky for me, the ponte Davis top was a peplum dream.  I put it on and loved it, but then realized it was super "different" from other tops I have.  I ran to find Dan and get his opinion.  He loved it too, so I knew it was a keeper for when I'm feeling fashion-forward and cool.

The Keeper!!!

The other two shirts just weren't the right fit for me or my style, so I decided to return them and exchange them for shirts from a previous collection that I missed.  I have also decided to try one more box to see how I do with the Spring Collection.  Fingers crossed it's worth the investment as part of my clothing budget!


  1. love that top but i could literally never pull it off! i hope to see it on you someday! (ugh why do all my comments sound like pickup lines?!)

    1. Oh, I bet you could pull it off! I see it as a fierce professional piece, with skinny jeans and under a blazer, or even over a bright pencil skirt like a faux peplum dress. Corporate diva!

      And I hope to see you soon with or without this shirt on. wink wink LOLOL


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