Sunday, June 2, 2013

Growing Up Bear

I just realized I haven't posted an update on our baby Bear in a long time!  Truthfully, I was in mourning for a while over the loss of sweet old Cally, but having a rambunctious, growing kitten has been crazy.

Look how big he is getting!

Bear is growing like a weed.  He's strong and active... I swear he just puts on muscle.  I've been feeding him Nutro Natural Choice Kitten, but dry kibble just isn't his favorite.  Since he's so big, I'm tempted to switch him to Royal Canin's Maine Coon food before he's a year old.

Bear always hops into my suitcase.

But really all Bear wants is his nightly can of Sheba cat food, which he devours with such gusto that it looks like his plate is clean.  Seriously, Duke and I have to ask each other if he's been fed, because the evidence is gone.  His photo was even featured on the Sheba brand's Facebook page! :)  Bear also loves Temptations cat treats, which we give him as a reward... but he head-butts the bag to make you spill out extras if he can.  Naughty.

Doesn't he look full grown now?  He loves his scratcher.

He also continues to play fetch, getting smarter each time... he now will bring the ball into bed or onto the sofa to convince you to play!  Bear also finally found a scratcher he likes, a flat bed corrugate type.  That said, we still catch him scratching the carpet at times.  The solution has been to Febreze the area where he scratches, since the scent throws him off from wanting to scratch there again.

It's been challenging for me to have my first cat with claws.  Sweet Cally was altered before we rescued her, so now I have the scratch marks all over me to prove this is my first clawed kitty.  Bear doesn't mean to scratch 99% of the time; I'm just collateral damage.  Last night Duke and I successfully clipped his front claws in one sitting (this is a big deal, guys) and he has a grooming appointment for claw trim and hygiene trim (butt fur!) in June.

Bear also has separation anxiety at times... he wakes me up by making loud mischief every morning, and when I was gone for a long trip and came back he was standoff-ish.  But we're learning to grow together, and I think it's getting better.  We haven't done as much harness/leash training as I'd like, and I'm worried he's getting too old.  We'll see how that goes!


  1. kitties that fetch are my favorite things! my friends kitty loves to fetch paper balls and it's just too adorable!

    1. He has these little foam balls that look like golf balls that are his favorite. He fetches pretty consistently, until the point of exhaustion! He'll be panting and walking instead of running, but he fetches because he is so pumped.

      I hope he doesn't grow out of it. :)

    2. I wish my SpAnky still played fetch like that!


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