Wednesday, May 29, 2013

California: Long Beach, Koreatown

For Memorial Day weekend, Sissy, our cousin SS, and I flew into LAX to spend a weekend with our Korean side of the family.  We flew from Phoenix, Nashville, and NYC respectively, and it had been years since the Three Musketeers were reunited.  It was a fantastic weekend!

Amy and I came in earliest, and our uncle picked us up.  Since he had business in Long Beach, he took us to eat at the famous Parkers' Lighthouse for lunch.  I ordered a delicious Kobe burger with sweet potato fries that he recommended... it was perfect!  I asked Uncle requested a table with a view, and we weren't disappointed. My sister had a club sandwich, my uncle a salad, and everything was fresh and delicious.

The location is in a very touristy location, so I imagined it was mostly popular with out-of-towners... but that weekend there were definitely private parties for graduation happening, so its long history in the area definitely makes it a destination for a little bit of everyone.

Parkers' Lighthouse on Urbanspoon

After lunch, Sissy and I had a few hours to explore the many shops, enjoy the scenery, and just relax!  We ended up finding a sunny spot in the grass, overlooking the Queen Mary and a cruise ship that was docked at port.

We were excited to see our Korean family for dinner that night, and knowing I am a bit of a carnivore they decided to take us to Man Soo Korean BBQ.  It wasn't the typical Korean BBQ I'd been to; the meats were marinated.  Instead, we cooked them at the table with onions, sprouts, garlic, and other sauces.  Uncle even gave out shot of soju.  It was a great meal, with lots of small plates that everyone shared.

It was so good to see my grandparents and my cousins.  I don't get to see them enough.

Not a bad way to spend a half-day in California!  :)

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