Thursday, May 30, 2013

California: Griffith Park, more Ktown, and Santa Monica

For my second day on my SoCal trip, the cousins all went on a hike in Griffith Park...  we got a workout on the steep, sandy hills overlooking Griffith Observatory and the Greek Theatre.  We had some great views of Los Angeles, through the smog!

All the U.S. cousins

Aza, the Frenchie, loves to hike!

Afterwards, we headed to my cousin's apartment for even more Korean BBQ.  But this time, it was delicious kalbi, my absolute favorite!  I gorged.

Our uncle dropped us off at Wi Spa jjimjilbang after lunch, to shower and relax until dinnertime.  We ate even more Korean food with him then, plus a stop at Miss Coffee for some patbingsu, a red bean ice cream concoction with mochi and fruit and more.  It was intense.

We spent our last full day in California enjoying even more food and shopping.  We had breakfast in Larchmont with our grandparents (review to follow), shopped in Santa Monica (I got a new Madewell bag!), saw the Star Trek movie (love!), and had one last Korean meal with the family.  It was a busy, but fun weekend.  I feel like I was there for longer than I was, but in a good way.  We just did so much.  I'd love to go back next year.

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