Thursday, March 21, 2013

Old Navy Sale Haul

I haven't done much shopping lately.  I think back in my college days I had a new top every weekend or something.  But for many reasons, I am trying to be more choiceful, choose quality pieces, and return things I don't love.

That said, I don't have as much luck in-store as online, in terms of both sizes and sale prices.  Plus, online I can stack deals.  So I'll often order more than I will actually keep, just to try things on and see what they are really like.  (Caroline's Day is awesome at this.)

Here are a few items that I've ordered, but have not yet received/tried on... but the sales were irresistible, and I spent under $200 on ALL of these combined!  (My entire spring wardrobe budget... but it will get me through the summer.)  Just to get an idea, take the sale price and then add discount codes... amazing.

Honeycomb-Knit Crew Sweater, on sale $12
Mint is such a great color right now!  I bought this sweater to keep warm in fluctuating temperatures.

Scalloped-Lace Dress, on sale $25
Lace is very on-trend right now, and it's missing from my wardrobe.  I love a white dress with same-color accents or eyelets.

Mixed-Eyelet Dress, on sale $25
Obnoxiously bright, plus eyelets.  I love A-line skirts!  Think this will go with a denim jacket over it for casual days at work!

Striped Fit & Flare Dress, on sale $22.50
I love black and white stripes.  This dress is going to replace a dress I have from Forever 21 that is simply too short to be appropriate at work.  I love when retailers offer longer lengths!

Long-Sleeved Wrap Dress, $32.94
I actually paid full price for this one, but used a discount code.  I LOVE the print, and these wrap dresses don't last long before selling out.  I felt lucky to snag my size; these are universally flattering and work-friendly.

Chambray Belted Shirt Dress, on sale $25
This dress is available in a darker wash, but I was attracted to this light color.  I see this as a weekend uniform or sorts, but everything I choose these days doubles for work.

Lightweight Patterned Shirt, on sale $19
I've been looking for gingham shirts for a reasonable price.  Wish this was blue or black, but I feel like purple is a color I could use more of in my wardrobe.  Great layering piece!

Chambray Printed Shirt, on sale $15
I love the chambray trend.  I actually really like this shirt in a lighter wash with anchor print, but my boss already has the exact same one!  (Sidenote, I have the same H&M shirt as two of my friends at work, and we're always worried we'll wear them on the same day!)  I actually ordered this in Tall size to get one that fit and was long enough.  Sometimes if your size is sold you, you can work some Tall/Petite magic to find something that will work.

And right now, until 3/24, you can save 25% with code ONSAVE25!

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  1. FOLLOWUP, 3/31: Returning the polka dot chambray shirt, purple gingham shirt, and chambray shirtdress. Issues were with length/fit.

    I am keeping the dresses (boyfriend loved them too!) but haven't received the wrap dress which will ship end of April.


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