Sunday, March 17, 2013


I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan.  Its abrupt ending, without a true finale, really disappointed me.  But I think what I really missed was Amy Sherman-Palladino's fast-talking, eccentric characters and magical fantasy world.

Desktop Wallpaper I made in college.... I know, I was obsessed!

I'd heard Amy was writing a show for ABC Family, called Bunheads... but I wasn't super impressed with the other random shows on that channel.  It aired last year, and as of now they haven't announced whether it has been renewed for a second season.  But I noticed the first ten episodes were free on Amazon Prime, so I had to check it out.

The gist of Bunheads is that a cheeky Las Vegas showgirl marries her semi-stalker in a vulnerable moment, landing in a quirky little town only to have him die quickly and leave her with her mother-in-law and strange residents and a dance school full of teenagers.


It's no Gilmore Girls.  But there are lots of Gilmore Girls alumni with bit parts (and Kelly Bishop with a big part) and the witty, quick dialogue with off-beat references.  I like that even though ABC Family is aimed at teenagers, I enjoy the show's adult storyline the most.  Amy didn't compromise.

Also, the music is totally reminiscent of GG.  And Paradise is California's answer to Stars Hollow.

So if you're in the mood for a GG knockoff, this is a fun way to spend an hour.  Then another hour.  Then another hour.  Sutton Foster is a Tony-winning Broadway star, so her skills are legit and fun to watch.

But seriously, if Veronica Mars can have a successful Kickstarter campaign to make a movie as a TV series follow-up, shouldn't Gilmore Girls be next?

P.S.  Little Bunhead Bailey Buntain looks like Megan Hilty's little sister!


  1. Have you been watching since it picked up in January? I love that show. It's also really fun to see who is going to show up from GG and what their character will be like.

    1. Not yet! I heard they get Liza Weil... I have to pay to watch those episodes, so I'm debating. :) But I like it.

  2. Ha! I knew I liked you. GG fans stick together. Great to meet you at Kroger today. : )

  3. I own the box set! Good to meet you too. :)

  4. Kismet! We're officially friends. Because of groceries.


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