Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NYC Trip Part III: Yogi/Vegan Experience

My cousin SS is one of the healthiest people I know.  She's a vegetarian yoga instructor who eats things like kale and drinks coconut water.  Some people talk the talk, but she walks the walk.

As part of my fun NYC experience, she invited me to attend one of her classes at Strala Yoga, a Basics level class.  I actually got to meet Tara Stiles, the founder of the studio who is Deepak Chopra's personal yoga instructor.  Um, as if I wasn't nervous enough about being subjected to yoga...

Look, I'm terribly inflexible, and I suck at keeping quiet.  So the thought of this class was truly intimidating to me.  I definitely almost fell over a few times, and my lack of physical strength in holding a plank was embarrassing.  But I pushed through it, with some tips from Suzy, and I felt my whole body burn and sweat... in the best sort of way.  It was actually relaxing, even though I was self-conscious about everyone seeing my struggle.  I learned that one side of me has way better balance than the other, which is fascinating.

The Kids' Yoga Class

Afterwards, we went out for a vegan brunch at Sacred Chow.  I had a delish banana French toast, home fries, and rose lemonade.  I was really impressed, and even tried a bite of SS and boyfriend JP's dishes... surprisingly good for a carnivore like me!

Sacred Chow on Urbanspoon

SS did make me have a sip of her green juice though... which tasted like vegetables.  Meh.

Green juice is meh.
After yoga (SS was teaching a kids' class) , we walked around Soho, grabbed an awesome $1 slice of pizza (I love you, NY!), then headed home.  SS had a work event, so JP and I decided to hit up a place she doesn't frequent much... SHAKE SHACK.  I've read about Shake Shack; it has the same kind of allure in New York that In 'n' Out burger has on the west coast.  It started as a hot dog cart, then burger stand, then brick and mortar restaurant.  Anthony Bourdain even loves the place.  So I was pumped to get some red meat after my day as a yogi.  I LOVED IT!  One of the best burgers I've had, hands down.

Before I left, we ate a phenomenal brunch at Buttermilk Channel.   This place is well worth the wait!  I had an apple, bacon, grilled cheese sandwich, SS had the buttermilk pancakes, and JP had the fried pork on waffles.  I tried everything, and it was awesome.

Buttermilk Channel on Urbanspoon

My trip to NYC was great.  I especially loved spending some quality time with SS, my other little sister who I don't get to see often enough.  It's a great town, with endless things to do, and it really doesn't sleep... you have to catch yourself and take a break after a while!  But it's amazing, and a place I'll never tire of.

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