Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boot Shopping!

I love boots.  I don't know how I ever lived without them in my life.  With dresses, with jeans, in summer, in fall, I'm rocking my boots!

For the past few years, I've worn two pairs of brown and black riding boots that I scored for CHEAP on eBay.  Well, the brown pair gave out on me... so I had to toss them.  This led me on a hunt to find some new boots to replace them (and add to my collection) so I ordered three pairs online to find my match... and ended up keeping every one.  Here they are, with reviews!

Target Merona® Kasia Leather Riding Boot
My friend Caroline let me know about these Frye copycats at Target.  They're a fraction of the price of real Frye boots ($74.99), and I loved the Tan color.  They also come in brown and black.  These were back-ordered, so the anticipation was killing me for a long time... I just hoped my expectations weren't too high, since I wasn't paying the $300+ for the real thing.

These boots do look expensive, and they look great!   I ordered a size down from what I usually get because they were nearly sold out.  It's going to take a bit to stretch out the calves a little, but they fit.  I definitely anticipate some compliments on these.  Definite keepers!

Target's Merona Kasia Boot, $74.99

Payless Brash Zooey Riding Boot
I own a lot of shoes from Payless.  And depending on the store "brand", they actually last me a long time and are very comfortable.  I can't tell you the number of times people have complimented my Payless shoes.  I chose these riding boots in Cognac because they were most similar in color to the ones I had to throw out.  I also got a BOGO deal, so it ended up being even better cost-wise.

I wasn't sure I'd like the "ripple" in the front, and I worried the hardware/material would look cheap.  I did like the back zip though, since my last boots ripped along the zipper because apparently my feet knock together all the time.

I really like these boots, now that I have them.  They won't exactly pass for leather, but the color looks great.  I don't think they look cheap, but they don't look very high-end either... kind of a happy in-between.  The fit is good for me, and they aren't too tight when I have on skinny jeans.
Payless Brash Zooey Boot, $59.99

Payless Airwalk Myra Tall Boot
I don't own any actual Ugg boots... I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much when there are so many other versions out there for so much less.  I have a pair of tall, tan Airwalk "Uggs" that I wear very infrequently, mostly because they look very slipper-ish.  But when I was in Pittsburgh, I saw the cutest pair of grey Ugg boots with toggle detail, and I felt like they were more versatile than the ones I had.  In my mind, the hardware made them more jeans-friendly for the weekend.  Who knows.  But I got them in the BOGO deal, and I wanted to see if they were nice in person.

They look exactly like the photo, and are super comfy!  I'm keeping these as well.

Payless Myra Tall Boot, $44.99


  1. I may just have to order the Kasia in black. All of my boots are mostly tan or brown, so black would be a welcome addition!


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