Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nova Scotia: Lunenburg and Mahone Bay

For our last full day in Nova Scotia, we took in historic Lunenburg near our inn. We kicked off the day with a horse and buggy tour, heading up and down the colorful hills. We loved the beautiful Lunenburg Academy, the bright colors and intricate designs on the houses, and the relaxing pace of the ride. We both remarked that people in Nova Scotia truly take pride in their homes, and you always saw renovations and repairs happening.

We also couldn't get over how wonderful and NICE everyone we met seemed to be. Nearly every other tourist we met were Canadian, and pairing this trip up with the one we did in Montreal in 2008 reinforced the notion to us that Canadians are just super-pleasant people to be around. We felt safe everywhere we went, and one guy even told us that in his town, everyone parks their cars with their keys in the ignition!

After the carriage ride, we had lunch at the Salt Shaker Deli, a recommendation from our innkeepers. We were not disappointed; the flatbread pizzas were so fresh and delicious!

We followed lunch up with a trip out to take some photos at Blue Rocks, a little fishing village outside of Lunenburg that is truly rustic and un-touristy. It was like walking into a postcard. And since it wasn't too far away, we were also able to visit the shops we saw the previous day in Mahone Bay!

After our drive, we headed back to the Lunenburg harbor for a sailing adventure! We hopped aboard the Eastern Star to head out onto the water. It was my first time on a sailboat, and the constant tipping was something to get used to, but I was in love with the view of the harbor and town from the water. It was pretty cold (especially since we were used to the warm weather in the South!) but definitely an experience to remember. We warmed up at the Grand Banker Bar & Grill for dinner before heading to the inn to pack.

We were sad to leave our lovely room at the end of it all. We couldn't use our phones, and our Wifi was spotty, so this was a trip where we really unplugged from our "real" lives and just traveled on a whim. I can't get over how well I slept, how happy I was, and just how casual we were able to be. The breakfasts at the inn were delicious, and we enjoyed sharing tips and stories every morning with people. It got to the point that folks would recognize us out in Lunenburg and wave!

Nova Scotia was the perfect getaway for two busy professional gals to get away from it all and step into a postcard world of lighthouses and lobsters. We couldn't have asked for anything more!


  1. Love this! I am dying to go to Nova Scotia - I have a friend who lives there too. Everything looks so pretty!

  2. Lacey, this would be a great trip for you to seek some quiet and unplug from phone/blog/etc. We were so relaxed, and rarely even checked a clock! So colorful and calm.


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