Friday, September 21, 2012

Gleek Peek: Britney 2.0

I'm loving Glee this season already!  I'm so into the characters... the storylines are just starting out, but there's something about this year that has me hooked like the very first season.  The honesty is back, and the productions are better than ever... it's not radio cloning, it's GLEE.

I love Unique and Marley especially.  Great talent and great actors!  I also love Rachel's new potential love interest... so much steamier than old Finn.  I want to see what happens!  Even Kate Hudson's character is deep.

I'm surprised at how smoothly the show has transitioned, especially bouncing back between Lima and NYC.  There are a lot of regulars from last season missing, but I'm starting to think that has kept it fresh.  It really is a bold new Glee.

Songs I'll Download:  "(You Drive Me) Crazy" Mashup, "Everytime"

P.S.  Way to go FOX on the brilliant Glee Britney tie-in during all of the PR for X Factor!  Perfect timing.

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