Saturday, July 7, 2012

Roku ... A new way to watch TV!
I've nearly cut the cord on cable.  I went from satellite TV with a DVR to the most basic cable (included with my internet), plus my Roku boxes.

What's Roku?  It's a device that connects to your wireless network and streams video via apps... anything from news to subscription-based services like Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime Instant Video.  You pay for the box, and then it's just whatever you want to subscribe to or watch.

I've found that I don't even watch the cable TV, since I don't have a DVR.  I catch up on my network shows on Hulu Plus, watch the latest DVDs via a 1-disc Netflix subscription, and watch BBC costume dramas free with my Amazon Prime membership.  I watch significantly less TV (goodbye, Bravo and the Housewives!) and find I read a lot more.  It's been a healthy switch for me, and it's significantly cheaper... Hulu and Netflix combined are costing me $15/month, and my basic cable service is $10/month.  Compared to satellite, it's a steal...  plus I'm much less addicted to the boob tube.

Have you ever thought about cutting the cord on your TV?


  1. We are cutting back! Right now we only have the DVD player and no Internet/cable but that needs to change soon. I am thinking about doing something like Hulu or Netflix. We pretty much just want cartoons (Dora, sesame street, Super why, etc.) and Army Wives. lol

  2. Oh, and I can't do without internet! :) I'm way too connected. I'd cut cable and Netflix and all that before cutting the cord on the internet.

    But isn't it interested how going without something can teach you how little you actually needed it in your life? I quit watching all my old reality shows cold turkey, and now I READ a lot more!


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