Sunday, July 8, 2012

Magic Mike

Yes, I went to see Magic Mike.  My friend JK came into town, and we went giggling into the theater, ready to drool over Channing Tatum in all his shirtlessness.  And even though most of the theater was filled with women, I actually felt like the movie was seedy and gritty enough to appeal to men in the audience too... and it had some cred in being directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Truthfully?  It was just okay.  I mean, I could watch Channing Tatum dance around all day... and Matthew McConaughey was just incredibly and convincingly sleazy.

This movie reminded me of another star-studded scandalously-themed movie... Boogie Nights.  I think both Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum are great leading men in the films.  Both movies are kind of dark and more about the pitfalls and dangers of the respective industries.

P.S.  Could someone please make a YouTube video that just cuts together all of Channing's solo dances?  Thank you.

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