Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Closet

(I've had a couple of people on Facebook ask to see photos of the new apartment... but my closet is the only "room" I felt ready to share thus far!)

I've always dreamed about having one of those room-sized closets with custom wooden shelving and special lighting and a chandelier...  Basically like the ones on MTV's Cribs.

But in the meantime, I am loving my main walk-in closet in the master suite of my apartment.  And yes, I said main walk-in... because there are two.  While the rest of my apartment is still coming together in terms of decorations, I finally got my closet the way I wanted it to be!  With a lot of help from my Mom, I can now proudly "shop" my own wardrobe for shoes, purses, accessories, and, of course, CLOTHES.

Arranging by color also tells me when to stop buying a certain color and start buying more of another!

I was going to buy shelves for my shoes, but my sister and Mom convinced me a hanging organizer would give me more space.  I think that they were right; I have space on the floor and higher shelf for boots, and the cubbies were good for my flats, sandals, and heels.

There are more shoes by the front door, but you get the idea...

I arranged most of my tops by color, which is different from what I've done before; usually, I do it by sleeves/thickness.  Organizing by color helps me put an outfit together and accessorize easily.  My bottoms and dresses are organized by season/level of formality/length.  So basically I pick something from tops or bottoms and then build around that!

I also like having my jewelry in the closet now, because I can hold up different necklaces and earrings next to outfits I'm considering.  I even have shelves that just seemed destined to display my handbag collection.

I really love my new closet.  It is a part of my everyday routine, and it's so much easier to get dressed for work every day with everything put together now.


  1. You could definitely go shopping in the shoe store you have ;)

  2. Haha, actually, I need to continue to weed out shoes... I had two pairs start to come apart on me at work this week!!!


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