Friday, June 15, 2012

The Litter Genie (for my fellow cat owners!)

One of my concerns with moving from a house to an apartment was finding a good place to put Cally's litterbox and disposing of her, um, stinkies.  The dumpster just isn't that close to my apartment.

While browsing my local Target, I spotted the Litter Genie, and its refills, sitting on a shelf.  I remember my friends telling me how much their loved their Diaper Genies, and figured this little contraption could actually help me a lot.  Playtex makes both products.

The refills are basically a continuous plastic bag that sits in the Genie itself.  You tie off the bottom, then deposit the stinkies into the genie.  When you pull the inner shelf, it cuts off the "open" litter bag from the top dumping portion, so you don't smell anything!  Once the genie is full, you tie it off and take the sealed bag to the dumpster.  This it perfect for a small apartment/space, so you don't have to make dumpster trips every time you scoop!

I know it's a random thing to blog post about, but when you're a pet owner you always look for solutions to the everyday problems.  Now if only they'd invent something for stinky cat breath, locating hidden barf, and excessive shedding!  :)

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