Monday, July 11, 2011


I'd heard about ASOS from reading People magazine's Stylewatch; I've seen it mentioned occasionally that a celebrity was wearing ASOS, or ASOS offered a similar style at a lower price.  I assumed it was out of my price range... that is, until I saw a pin on Pinterest where someone included a price tag.  What?!  I could afford it?  I had to check it out.

ASOS is, according to Wikipedia, the UK's largest online-only fashion and beauty store. Primarily aimed at 16-34 year old men and women, it offers over 35,000 own-label and branded fashion goods.  Now you can order and have it shipped to the U.S., with its free delivery worldwide guarantee.  AWESOME!  It's not as super-trendy as Topshop, another UK import, but has some really classic, quality pieces.

I've always been a fan of websites like ModCloth, but they were above my price range.  A large amount of the stuff on ASOS is more than I can afford these days.  But on clearance, we can all have a piece of this style powerhouse.  I definitely see myself shopping there in the future, even for career pieces.

Two dresses on clearance that recently caught my eye were both little black dresses in classic silhouettes for under $32.  Seriously!  Dresses of this caliber usually cost three times as much.  So head on over to ASOS for some real fashion deals!

ASOS Linen Pencil Dress with Self Belt, $31
Vero Moda 50's Fit And Flare Prom Dress, $26

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