Monday, June 20, 2011

Learn something every day...

This weekend, I was actually really productive!  I feel like I did things that are making me better.

(1)  I cleaned/de-cluttered the whole house.  It just looked so clean, and I'm really making an effort to keep it that way!  I can see my coffee table, I made my bed, my dining tables are cleared...  beautiful.  I even put all of my clothes away.  Everything has its place, and it actually makes me feel more calm.  (I just need to get motivated enough to clean the bathrooms again!)

(2)  I did a DIY decorating project!  I love walking into my room and seeing my Pride & Prejudice quotes. It just makes the room look more put together, and I'm proud that I actually hammered the nails into the wall myself!

(3)  I tried a couple of new recipes.  I bought a new slow cooker that is programmable, so I can set it and not worry about watching the timer.  It automatically goes to "warm" once it's done!  I made a slow cooker beef with red wine sauce.  I also made my friend JH's beer bread recipe.

(4)  I learned about DSLR cameras.  My friend VV took a class and is building her photography portfolio.  She taught me a lot of things I didn't know about, and I think I've got enough info now to make an educated decision on which camera to purchase.  I just have to save the money now.

(5)  I babysat for free!  In exchange for the DSLR lesson (and to give two deserving parents a break!) I babysat VV's 5-month-old baby boy!  I think I just have the best luck when I babysit, because I seem to get the best kids.  They are good at communicating, even when they don't talk much... and I'm not afraid of diapers anymore.  Babies aren't as fragile and scary as I used to believe, and I know more about how to take care of them.  My friends' kids make me feel like I could actually do alright at motherhood someday.  So it's good to give back and give them a little helping hand.  (And I checked off another "Before I'm 30" task!)

(6)  I took a dress-making class at Fabrika.  I'm glad my day off worked out so I had a chance to go back to Fabrika to learn more about sewing apparel; they taught me how to sew, so I'm eager to learn more!  (I will be blogging about my dress later... but I've included a fabric swatch as a teaser!)

I also got to grab lunch with my friend LC!  All in all, I got a lot accomplished and found some inspiration to do even more...  including studying for the GMAT again.

Fabric swatch for my summer dress! (Photo is not exactly true to color...)

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