Friday, February 4, 2011

Reality Addiction

Yes, another entry about television. Can you tell I've been spending a lot of time vegging out?

I have become a reality show junkie. Now, I refuse to get hooked on 'The Bachelor' or 'Jersey Shore' and things of that nature. But I have been a huge fan since I first starting watching 'The Real World' so many years ago. My favorite shows tend to be documentary-style efforts (not competitions like 'The Bachelor') that follow someone in their profession. It's great because each show is not part of a bigger storyline (not really, anyways) and you can just pick up an episode anytime without worrying about chronology. It's another day in their life and you can be the voyeur and join in.

A new show that I've started to watch on the History Channel is 'Pawn Stars' which reminds me a lot of Antiques Roadshow with more street cred and interesting items. I love the family business aspect and how they seem to 'flip' the purchases they make from people and earn some serious cash. (My friends say that if you like this show, you'll love 'American Pickers' but I can't afford to get hooked on even more TV!)

I've been watching 'The Millionaire Matchmaker' on Bravo since it airs. I would love working for Patti Stanger! She's so blunt and brazen and genuinely good at what she does, and the millionaires she is forced to work with are kooky and crazy and sometimes impossible. The antics are great. I sometimes wonder if loving her show is anti-feminist, since it seems she insists the people fit a certain look/aesthetic. But I really believe she knows what she's doing (she's a third generation matchmaker after all) and can't tear myself away from watching her.

'Ace of Cakes' is the show I credit with my cake obsession. It is ending on Food Network after its 10th season, which is why I want you all to start watching while you can. Duff and his eclectic crew are the rock stars of the cake world, and their creations are truly ART in cake form! Watching the show will inspire you to culinary creativity, I guarantee it.

'Hoarders' does not fit into the same category as these other shows, but I just can't tear myself away from the screen. It's so sad, what these people go through... their homes remind me of the Junk Lady from the movie 'Labyrinth', who becomes so enamored with stuff she just keeps piling it onto her back until she is basically a junkyard herself. This show is a warning to me to stop attaching myself emotionally to 'stuff' and to release myself from the pressure of holding on to things I don't really need, despite the fact that they could *possiblymaybesomeday* be of use to me. I've started donating more things to Goodwill and keeping myself from buying things I don't need.

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