Monday, January 31, 2011

Rainy day risotto

Today was a rainy day, and I felt like some comfort food. I remembered a recipe I'd seen on EatLiveRun for mushroom risotto, and it sounded delicious. I happened to have everything on-hand except for the mushrooms, so I went to the store for a quick trip and came home to make some creamy deliciousness.

Confession: I'd never made risotto before! I had no idea just how time-consuming it would be, how much my arm would hurt from the constant stirring, as I added chicken stock to my rice little-by-little. I think I got a risotto facial from the steam. The picture doesn't do it justice... served with some warm focaccia bread, it really hit the spot. Mmmm, comfort.

This would be a great side dish with some chicken, but today it was good enough on its own for lunch!

UPDATE: For dinner? Rigatoni in meat sauce. A heavy food day but DELICIOUS.

1 comment:

  1. mmmm risotto! i made a prosciutto & asparagus risotto one time-- it was really intimidating (the reason why i haven't tried it again) but super yummy!


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