Wednesday, November 21, 2018


I've been pretty quiet on this blog in recent months, and it has everything to do with life being so different these days...  I have a baby.  I don't travel as much.  I started a new role at work.  It feels like every spare minute I have, I'm trying to eat, tidy up, or just veg out watching 'This is Us' on TV.

I'm tired.  I'm happy.  And I'm shocked by what a blur this year has been.

But I wanted to take a moment and capture a few of my thoughts today, in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

I'm grateful for family.  Kenny and I saw a lot of our Korean family in Los Angeles this summer.  We also spent a week at the beach with Dan's family and friends.  I'm glad that we have so much love surrounding us.  I am especially grateful for my parents, who make such an effort to connect with us every month.  They take time away from work and home to make it happen, and it really helps us a lot with Kenny and even our own relationship with date nights!

photo by Steve Cross

I'm grateful for friends.  I just got back from a lake weekend with some of my girlfriends, and it was such a wonderful time.  I went to Newport to visit my friend Lindsey this summer.  My friends at work keep me sane.  My DAR friends are my family.  There are just so many people in my life who care about me and support us as a family, and I feel lucky to feel so full.  It's hard living in a different state than your family, but friends can really make that difference.

I'm grateful for a healthy baby.  Sweet Kenny has had his share of runny noses, but we've been fortunate to have a healthy year thus far.  I love watching him grow and explore, and he has so much personality now.  I love being able to experience it all with him.

at Cheekwood Harvest

I'm grateful to be an American.  This one has been tough, not gonna lie.  But I do feel fortunate to live where I do, to have the opportunity that I do, and to know that I have a lot of great people alongside me.  I could have a very different life someplace else, and I'm hopeful for positive change that helps our country unite for the better.

I'm never here often enough anymore (though I'm almost always on Instagram!) but I think that is just natural at this point.  I hope to bring you more travels and adventures (and of course, our annual Christmas card!) in the months to come.

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