Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Seattle: Chihuly Garden and Glass

Every year, Dan and I try to take a week-long vacation as a couple.  For our 2017 trip, we decided to take a road trip through parts of Oregon and Washington!

We spent two nights in Seattle, staying with friends in Fremont.  They were at work since it was a weekday, so we set off to do some exploring!  I'd seen friends post about the Chihuly Garden and Glass, located right next to the Space Needle.

Yellow is my fav color, and this was one of my favorites

Dan and I love art museums, and museums in general, so he was on board to check it out.  We looked up the artist, Dale Chihuly, on Google, and I realized that I'd seen his work in the ceiling of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  I'd always assumed that glasswork was done by an Italian artist, but it was done by Chihuly, who is from Washington.  So it is definitely appropriate he have such a big presence in his home state!

The price of admission was steeper than I expected for the size of the place, but I think that's because we were officially in summer tourist season.  It's $29 per adult, but only $19 if you go during their "early morning" hours when they open.  But they do have one of the best gift shops I saw on our trip.  We bought a couple of souvenirs!

We really loved seeing all of the different exhibits.  The fragility of glass made me think it must be a challenging medium to work with, as you could complete a work and then lose it completely to an accidental drop.  I was also struck by the variety in the collection.

I also like how there were outdoor installations within landscape design, making it feel very organic despite being manmade glass.  Even the simplest pieces could be very beautiful in composition.

It was certainly crowded with tons of people (lots of selfies!) but worth taking the time to explore.  There was also a glass-blowing exhibition happening outside, so you can see a bit of the technique that Chihuly and his associates use.

If you're an art lover visiting Seattle, I'd say that this museum is definitely a must-see.

Chihuly Garden and Glass is a must-see in Seattle!
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