Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Escape Room: The Game

I love puzzles and brain teasers.  I especially love the "escape room" attractions popping up all over the place.  I consider myself to be a bit of a puzzle guru, but these games ALWAYS stretch my thinking, and having others join the fun means you get extra perspective.  No two people look at these puzzles the same way.

That said, it's expensive to attend some of these game venues, around $30 per person.  So when I heard that there was an at-home version Escape Room: The Game available, bringing the thrill of the game to your dining room table, I was in!  And it only costs about the cost of one person's admission, for FOUR games.

This is definitely a game for those with advanced puzzle and problem-solving skills, i.e. teens and adults age 16+, suggest for groups of 3-5.  (I think this could also be a good game for two, if you're a nerdy puzzle couple like me and my husband!)  It's perfect if you have a regular adult board game group getting together.

Don't we look super serious?  WE WANT TO WIN!!!

I played the game with three of my work friends, because a few of us had enjoyed the escape room experience before. I figured we'd be really good at this game... but we definitely were stretched!  You have just 60 minutes to find hidden clues (look closely at EVERYTHING!), decode and solve puzzles, and "escape" from one of the four rooms included in the box.  We attempted the Prison Break game, and we were ultimately victorious (yay!), but not without needing some of the hints.

A few tips...You definitely want to have pen/paper and a calculator on hand.  You also want to pick up the decoder so you can use the tools on the sides.  Lastly, remember that every wrong attempt at inserting the four keys costs you a minute.  We definitely used all of the hints provided, as well as made a few wrong attempts using the keys.

You can even enhance your experience by downloading the free Escape Room app for background music, and to share a photo as you celebrate in victory!  I definitely think the music adds to the ambiance as you're figuring things out.

The only downside to this game?  Once you've solved the four puzzles, you're done... and I want more!  But given the keys and the decoder are something you use in every game, they could easily put out expansion games and packs for you to play, to bring even more puzzles to your home!

If you're thinking about an in-person escape room experience, this game is the perfect primer to unlock that type of thinking in preparation.  If you live too far from one or don't want to pay that premium pricing, this is the perfect alternative.  You really get some good value for the investment with this game.  Definitely add this game to your shopping list for the holidays gifting season!

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