Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Lately: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting

Two weeks in a row?  Woo!  Check out what I'm up to lately.

I've been reading more during my travels, so when I saw that Charles Duhigg wrote a new book (I'd blogged about The Power of Habit before!), I had to pick it up.  When it comes to books that are for professional development, I tend to purchase them in "hard copy" instead of for my Kindle app... because I highlight, write, etc. in them.  Yes, I write in them, they're mine, deal with it!  This book is already making me reconsider some of my own habits and behaviors in order to be more productive.

I'm appreciating time at home.  There was this two-week period where I was either traveling/living in hotels, visiting with family, or hosting my mother-in-law at our place.  This weekend has felt like the first respite from being outside our normal routine.  I'm doing loads and loads of laundry, cooking, tidying, grocery shopping, refueling my car, and more.


I'm contemplating changing my blog name...  Something shorter that rolls off the tongue, something that will continue to be descriptive of my blog no matter where life takes us.  Hrm.


I'm not really humming anything, unless it's the themes to the podcasts I listen to!  I've been really tired lately, using all my brainpower at work.  I need to spend my evenings being more productive, as I've gotten some sponsored blog posts, freelance work, and more that will be good for me.

I don't know... it's that weird?  I'm kind of expecting to continue to feel tired, but desiring to be more productive.  I suppose I'm expecting that I'll continue to drink every so often to calm my poor nerves. LOL

Gin Gimlet at Mixology in Grand Rapids

What are you up to this Sunday?

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