Wednesday, November 4, 2015

L&L Hawaiian Grill - Nashville

When Dan and I were at Tupelo Honey Cafe for their soft opening, I noticed a new-to-me restaurant nearby...  L&L Hawaiian Grill.  Um, what?!  Apparently it opened this summer, and I had no idea that I could get Spam musubi within the state of Tennessee, let alone down the street from where I work!

When I arrived for lunch, the line went all the way to that wall partition!  Booming business!

You see,  I have had family living in Hawaii for decades now, and I've been there a half dozen times, mostly as a kid to see my cousin.  And as a result, Hawaiian style food like Spam musubi is comfort food to me!  Not to mention, they serve my favorite Korean food, kalbi ribs!

I went whole hog for lunch, ordering a Spam musubi and the ribs platter.  The spam musubi was excellent.  It had less teriyaki sauce than the ones I've had in Hawaiian gas stations (true story), but still reminded me of the ones my Mom makes.  I would also love to have their Spam and rice sometime for lunch too!

Spam Musubi

The kalbi ribs platter comes with rice and macaroni salad, but I just wanted rice instead.  The meal was $10.99, and it came with two strips of ribs.  For that price, I would have expected about three strips vs. two, but then again it was a healthy size meal overall.  (I think I'm spoiled by the portions in LA and NYC on this kind of thing.)  The taste was great, and I really felt like I was getting a delicious Korean/Hawaiian comfort food meal for lunch!

I KNOW I'll be back to L&L.  Like I said, it's the only place in Franklin that I can get my favorite ribs, and the only place I know of in Nashville where I can get my Spam fix.  I hope it sticks around!

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