Friday, August 7, 2015

Wedding: Invitations

As Dan and I prepped for our small, local wedding, we realized that an informative invitation would be helpful to our guests.  We (okay, I!) decided to use Minted, because we've done our last three years of Christmas cards with them and love their cardstock and quality.

We wanted to incorporate our brewery-themed engagement photos (by Steve Cross Photography) in the invitation, and the "minibook" invitations on Minted allowed us to include a ton of information in one card!  They were definitely a pricier option, but we were inviting less than a dozen people to attend so the cost wasn't bad with a small quantity.  Given the expense they'd incur to attend our wedding from out-of-state, we wanted guests to have both a guidebook and a keepsake.

We did a lot of customization using the given template, to make sure it suited our event.  The "wedding day" tab was the most informative, given timelines and addresses to ensure everyone made it to the right place at the right time!

We also wanted to provide some basic travel information, knowing we'd have both air and road trippers.  Franklin isn't really "Nashville" so we wanted to suggest some options.  We didn't have a big enough guest list to merit a hotel room block, so we suggested a few that we knew would be near the wedding site.

One thing we didn't anticipate when we made the invitations was that everyone would want to get together on Friday and Sunday in addition to the wedding... so we had an impromptu "young people's night out" in downtown Nashville at Acme, as well as a brunch at Kitchen Notes since Dan and I were spending our wedding night at the Omni Nashville.

So our last page of the invitation, minus Historic Main Street in Franklin, wasn't really used much by our guests...  They wanted to spend all of their time with the bride and groom, because we're spoiled.  If we'd had a bigger group of guests, who wanted to spend the weekend enjoying the sights, it would be different!

Overall, we love the look of our invitations, and the fact that we could use them to help all of our out-of-town guests to get to know this town we love.

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