Monday, July 13, 2015

2015 DAR Continental Congress

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Last month, I attended my first Continental Congress, the annual convention for the Daughters of the American Revolution, held in Washington, D.C.  (Read more about why I joined the DAR here!)

The events were split between a beautiful hotel and the DAR's Constitution Hall, with the White House about halfway in between.  I made the journey back and forth between the two daily, either by taxi or walking.  I also attended a couple of luncheons during that time, but mostly I was paging and fundraising for our DAR schools.  We worked long days, but it felt good to work hard for a good cause!

Beautiful scenery, and meeting up with my mentor

It definitely struck me how clean and beautiful D.C. is; I never thought about it much, but being in the heart of the city really reminded me of that!  I was able to see one of my longtime mentors (photo above) and roomed with another DAR mentor and my DAR BFF.

One of my favorite experiences was watching the Opening Night ceremonies with my chapter.  I'd worked too late into the evening to page the event, but I made it in time to watch the flag unfurl.  It was definitely a patriotic night!

Opening Night

There were a number of fellow Juniors from Tennessee as well, paging and experiencing the event too.  It made me really happy to see them at events!

Tennessee Juniors, of course my DAR BFF/roomie in there too!

One of the highlights of the events for me was winning one of the national essay contests.  I was honored to have leadership from both my state and chapter there to see me receive my certificate!

Receiving my certificate

The one downside to being super busy throughout the event is the lack of downtime to see friends in the area... but I learned quickly that you can make it work!  My old friend from middle/high school KB stopped to see me for a drink on her way home, and two families that I know from the Army came to meet me for some delicious Shake Shack, babies and all!

Friends and Shake Shack

Overall, it was an exhausting and exhilarating experience.  Truly a sleep-deprived blur... my feet hurt for a few days afterwards too!  But it was worth the money we raised for good causes, the fellowship with other Daughters, and seeing some beloved old friends.  I'll be back next year for sure!

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