Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Favorites, v.15

I'm back with more Friday internet favorites!  Here's what I'm loving on the web this week.

OMG SQUEE adorable orphaned baby bats get a second chance in Australia.

I know a number of these women (privileged to have gone to school or served with them!) and love that this story is getting some attention.  I learned quickly there are no "front lines" in a combat zone anymore, and the women serving overseas are doing some incredible work that most people don't even know about.

Fabletics is really stepping up their outfit game for workout and loungewear!  It's been a while since I got something new from them, and now I'm really pumped about the direction they're going!

+  One of my college professors wrote this great piece called, "How Being a Military Mom Affects My Relationship With My Daughter" and it's awesome and honest.

+  I'm not into the Kardashians... except for Kourtney and Khloe.  Want to know why?  Check out 32 Times Kourtney Was The Most Underrated Kardashian.

+  Seeing this 102-year-old woman view herself dancing on film for the first time made me cry!

Flashback:  Three years ago I was in Los Angeles visiting my family, and now I'm posting this from LA again almost to the date from that visit.

***My cousin Suzy just started a wellness arts program called Mindful Arts for youth in NYC, integrating yoga, mixed media, and mindfulness. Through enriching learning experiences, we engage youth with creative resources in self-care, supporting their connection to themselves and the world around them.  They're working hard to raise $3000 to fund their Urban Retreat program this coming August.  Check out their GoFundMe page!***

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