Wednesday, March 25, 2015

30th Birthday Beer Brunch

Today is my 30th birthday, and last Saturday I celebrated with 40-50 (I lost track!) of my family and local friends here in Franklin.  My parents came down from Indiana, and Sissy and her boyfriend came in all the way from Arizona!  One of my besties even came in from New York.  It was a wonderful mix of work friends, college friends, DAR/Legion/book club friends, blogger friends (shoutout Kimmie, Brittany, Trisha, Jenna, and Sarah!), and the like...  I just keep thinking, I'm the LUCKIEST.  Period.  I also got tons of sweet well-wishes from out-of-town folks too that I can't forget!

My family really pulled out all the stops to make the party amazing.  We held the party at the Turtle Anarchy Brewing Co. taproom in Franklin.  Dan made an exclusive peach-flavored beer for the party (a peach Belgian witbier!) and tended bar to allow everyone a chance to sample the craft beers.  My sister and her boyfriend worked hard on beautiful floral arrangements, fruit skewers and veggie basket, and more.  They even got me a birthday Hatch Show Print!  Mom and Dad pitched in and made multiple trips to get everything set up and ready for party guests.

And yes, I wore a cat-print dress on for the occasion!  It's from ModCloth.

Ellie's Old Fashioned Doughnuts

I really wanted everything to be local so people could sample my favorite things.  We had a catered brunch from the wonderful Copper Kettle, featuring biscuits and gravy, hash brown casserole, bacon, and biscuit sandwiches.  I put out apple butter from Loveless Cafe for the biscuits too.  The fruit and veggies were purchased at Costco, but added some color and healthy food to the mix!

I love Ellie's Old Fashioned Doughnuts (see last year's blog post here) and decided they were the perfect "cake" for my birthday brunch.  We had three flavors, picked up from the farmer's market that morning.  Everyone raved about them, and for good reason!

We also had cornhole outside to play, because it was a beautiful spring day.  Here are pics I snuck of the family having fun.

I was overwhelmed by the turnout; it was hard to spend time with everyone individually!  I asked that people not bring gifts, but my friends are crazy generous and showed up with beautiful cards and flowers and presents that fit me to a T.  It was so nice to introduce my family to the people they hear so much about too, because I've met some amazing people over the past decade or so.

I love you all!

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  The night before the party, my cousin A and her boyfriend had dinner with us on their way to Spring Break, and I spent the time before and after the party during the weekend with my family.  We had dinners at Mellow Mushroom and Puckett's Boat House, lunches at Husk and Hattie B's, and drinks at Gray's.  It was a truly local weekend, I'd say!  I'm exhausted, but it was entirely worth it.


  1. Looks lovely and perfectly you!

  2. Such a beautiful day and a great party! Happy birthday.

  3. What a gift to have such wonderful family and friends! Happiest of birthdays!

  4. I'm so glad you could make it, Trisha!

  5. Happy Birthday, I think it's wonderful that people came from so far to support you

  6. Happy (late) 30th birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend full of loved ones and good food - can't get much better than that!


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