Monday, September 2, 2013

Bear's Cat Tree

You guys, I caved.  I love my feline friends, but I always said I would never allow one of those hideous cat trees into my home.  Well, Bear has hit his terrible toddler age: jumping on everything, destroying things when he's bored, needing more play... driving us insane.

In a fit of frustration, I used my Amazon Prime perk to order one of those insane trees for like $80, and it promptly arrived within two days.  We chose the Armarkat 57-inch Cat Tree.

Bear's First Day with the Tree

Duke put it together quickly and easily, as I watched in sad defeat.  We were both worried Bear would ignore the thing entirely.

Well, Bear loves it!  When he's not next to me on the sofa, I often catch him climbing and playing and snoozing in his tree.  He has picked the second highest platform as his favorite.  It's placed near the sliding glass doors for our porch, so he see outside.

Never say never, you guys.  Bear needs something he can climb and destroy.  I'm hoping this is his victim, and that I can get over the eyesore in my apartment...  Sigh.

If I could afford it (and they had better reviews) I might splurge on a fancier, more elegant model like the Lotus Cat Tower, but I can't justify spending so much on a freaking cat tree.  No.  Everyone already thinks I'm a crazy cat lady.  Argh.

Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower, $370

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