Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lessons Learned from Sewing

People often ask me why I took up sewing; even with the popularity of shows like Project Runway, most find it to be an old-fashioned hobby.  And a twentysomething single gal who takes up sewing?  Add a few more cats and it just screams SPINSTER to them.

But sewing is more than the tedious, time-consuming sweatshop work I think most people imagine it to be.

Sewing sparks creativity.  I love to shop, but sometimes it seems like the clothes out there weren't made to fit my body or personality.  I truly enjoy being able to choose a sewing pattern/design, choose a fabric, and customize a garment into something that I really like.  Sure, the fit isn't always perfect, and sometimes it takes longer than expected, but to choose how something is made from start to finish is really awesome.  Sleeves or no sleeves?  What length?  What color?  The options never end.

Sewing teaches patience and attention to detail.  Learning to sew wasn't second-nature to me.  It took me a while to learn to thread my machine without a manual!  And everything from cutting fabric, to pinning, to pressing (ironing) all along the way makes a huge difference in the finished product.  I can tell when I got tired or sloppy, because I skip the steps that make things look tailored and clean.  You have to maintain focus, and sometimes you just have to walk away for a while!

Sewing is cathartic.  It's a solitary activity, so you really fall into a rhythm with the sound of your machine.  You're working with your hands, guiding the fabric, piecing a puzzle together.  And in the end, the reward is sweet: you've created something for yourself or someone else, something you made from start to finish.  It's a great escape, and it can actually be soothing.

So you see, it isn't just an "old lady" hobby!  :)  And unlike my baking habit, it won't add to my waistline.

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