Monday, December 12, 2011

Wedding and water!

Seaside Chapel

LC an PD got Maui'ed!  I guess it's LD and PD now…  :)

What a busy, but rewarding day.  VB and I started the morning in our pajamas on the beach, then headed to Kihei Caffe for some breakfast.  I had Spam, eggs, and rice, and we sat under a beautiful rainbow the entire time; definitely some good luck for the wedding, yeah?

The bridal party started our morning off early at Spa Grande, where I got hair and makeup done by the sweetest guy!  He was magic, and shared my love for the Twilight series… he even made my hair similar to Bella's wedding hairstyle in the latest movie.  I loved what he did with my makeup, especially since he used Bare Minerals, which is what I personally own!  Definitely learned a few tricks of the trade.

Then JS and I headed out to pick up some food while the bride/maid of honor got their hair and makeup.  I snagged some Spam musubi (of course!) and headed to the bridal suite.  I was able to catch the last quarter of the Army/Navy football game (great effort by Army, the closest we've been in years for sure!) and eat a bit.  Then it was time to get dressed, take photos, and head to the chapel!

The happy couple
The ceremony was beautiful, and my favorite part ended up being the dove release at the end.  I was initially nervous, especially since I don't particularly care for birds, but the way they circled the chapel after the release was a sight to see.  The reception was beautiful as well, situated on a balcony overlooking the chapel.  There were crystals and flowers and tea lights throughout, a live band, and a great group of friends and family.  We danced into the night, until VB and I thought our feet would fall off!

I've got steel drum skills.... not!
This is the first 'destination' wedding I've attended, and I hope it isn't the last.  While sometimes traveling so far to an event can seem daunting, turning it into an extended vacation and really taking the time to enjoy everything makes it totally worthwhile.

As for the 'morning after', it's all about relaxing on island time!  Champagne brunch at the Grand Dining Room, relaxing by the pool and beach, and a nice dinner with friends at the Monkeypod Kitchen.  Maui has been an amazing time!

The bridesmaids unwinding!

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