Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey Runners! Get a Road ID.

[Update: The first 20 readers to buy a Road ID in the next month can use this coupon code for $1 off! - ThanksAubrey5710136.  Also, thanks to Caroline for providing the following 10% off code: PCMilitary10!]

Living on my own has made me pay much closer attention to my own personal safety.  From installing a security system, to updating my emergency contact information/making emergency cat-care plans, there's a lot you can do as a woman, as a person, to keep yourself safe.

One of the things I've been guilty of is working out (mostly running!) without any ID whatsoever on me.  I'm a minimalist when I run; it's hard enough to get me to run with my inhaler, let alone carry an ID.  I tie my key to my shoe and go.

That's why I ordered a Road ID.  ( Road ID has emergency info engraved that you can wear when you're running, cycling, anything.  Imagine you're running and are struck by a car.  You're not near your house, no one knows who you are because you don't have an ID.  If you are non-responsive, you become a "Jane Doe" to that hospital.  I've watched enough medical TV dramas to know that I don't want to be a Jane Doe.

There are a number of different IDs, some for your wrist, and a couple for your shoe.  For me, I don't want anything additional on my person, because I feel it when I run.  I chose the Shoe ID.  Everything on your ID is custom/personalized, so you don't need to put any information on there that could lead to identity theft, someone finding your house, etc.  On mine, I put my name/birthyear/United States, shorthand for "No Known Allergies and No Medical Condition History", and emergency contact info to call my parents.  That's it!

If you really don't want to put anything on there, in case your tag falls off or you lose your shoes, you can subscribe to Road ID's interactive service.  Your info is stored in their database, and emergency responders can call Road ID or log on to their system to get your information using a serial/pin # on your ID.

I can't count the number of times I've gone running without an ID.  But now, in case something happens to me, I know that I people will be able to figure out who I am.  And I think that's worthwhile for ANY active person to consider!

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