Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gleek Peek: 'Night of Neglect' and 'Born This Way'

I'm a little frustrated with Glee lately. I'm not going to go into every issue I had with the past couple of episodes, but let's just say that I have many grievances. Thank goodness they've rid us of the Warblers, who I loved at first but now are kind of annoying. And don't get me started on the rushed exit of Holly (Gwyneth Paltrow), the beyond-ridiculous antics of the Lima adults (seriously, Sue, even you have stooped too low), and the rushed/anti-climactic re-arrival of Kurt to McKinley? And Mike's dancing being featured constantly?

But I digress. The BIG issue I had with this latest episode surrounds Quinn Fabray. #1, Rachel wanting her nose. #2, how the uber-confident Lauren Zizes went out of character. #3, her ugly duckling beginnings as Lucy Caboosey. Okay, so it's believable that Rachel might want Quinn's nose, thinking Quinn is everything that she wants to be, especially now that she and Finn are together. HOWEVER, what happened to Rachel's recent streak of confidence and niceness? Why the sudden insecurity resurgence?

Next, Lauren Zizes. She ROCKS because she's landed Puck and is super confident. It's natural she'd run against Quinn for prom queen, but why would she dig up 'dirt' on her past and call her out for being a former fat girl with glasses/acne/braces? That's not how Zizes would play, she'd fight fair and square. And what does Lauren gain from Quinn's ugly photo? Nothing.

Lastly, Lucy Caboosey. Look, Quinn is Queen Bee, and she's mean to other girls. Showing us that she used to be 'ugly' but got fit and a nose job and blonde doesn't help every girl out there suffering. I had glasses/acne/braces all at once, but I couldn't transfer school and change my face... nor would I even think to do that. It sends the wrong message, a message that you can become the pretty blond cheerleading captain if you work at it and alter your appearance and conform. How is THAT a part of what Glee is trying to tell us with its Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' message?

Sigh. I'm not even that into all the songs. The only one that stuck out in my mind the past couple of episodes is the Quinn/Rachel 'Unpretty' duet.

I want this show to redeem itself, BADLY. Back to basics, back to the characters being IN character, songs that match the storyline, and less over-produced BS. I love Glee, I just don't like it right now.

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