Monday, March 28, 2011

Cherry Blossoms & Cupcakes

I had an amazing weekend celebrating both my birthday and my friend JP's wedding in Washington, D.C. The best part of the entire trip is that our group of five from college (me, JP, AE, MC, and KT) were finally reunited for the first time since 2007! I literally cried when MC and AE picked me up at the airport, Georgetown Cupcakes and birthday card in hand. MH, another teammate from college, was there too, and a group of us crashed at MC's place in Bethesda for the weekend. (She is a brilliant girl finishing up med school this year before pursuing a career as a SURGEON, and a great friend! I always brag about her.)

That night, we all got together for Indian food at Tandoori Nights, one last evening at the bars with a single JP, and headed home for some rest. The day of the wedding, we had a morning jog, breakfast at home, then headed to Fort Myer for the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful!!! I loved it, and it was perfect for JP and her hubby. Their reception, however, was even MORE stunning. Held at Top of the Town, we had an amazing view of D.C., and we had a ball dancing the night away.

The weekend, alas, was too short. After brunch in Bethesda, we parted ways. AE accompanied me on the Metro to the airport, with a pitstop at the National Mall to check out some of the famous cherry blossoms in bloom! It was the perfect ending to a sweet weekend, one where I was constantly happy and pinching myself that I have such great friends. XOXOXO to my girls!!!

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