Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I want candy! #ProjectRunway #TeamVen

Time for Project Runway's 10th UNCONVENTIONAL CHALLENGE!

Honestly, this year I was impressed by how the designers used their materials from Dylan's Candy Bar (and guest judge, CEO Dylan Lauren a.k.a. Ralph Lauren's daughter). I think everyone's finally catching on that it's not about being costume-y (though I love me some Chris March!) and all about making it look like the material is just an organic part of the look.

Note on this season: has anyone else noticed that this season's designers are a whole new level of arrogant?  Seriously...  the attitudes and arrogance are astounding.  And one of the worst perpetrators is my favorite designer thus far, Ven.  Okay, it might be he's just being painted that way on the show, but he's brilliant and a true competitor.  I love him in the same way I loved Irina Shabayeva, another fierce and confident Project Runway alum.

Also, I am once again going to call out Project Runway editors for spending way too much time focusing the cameras on the winner and loser, before the judging even began.  This was a problem to me last year, because it got to the point I could predict the winner/loser simply by how many minutes they spent on screen compared to the others.

As for the results...
I disagree with the judges on a few things.  For one, I didn't really like Sonjia's look.  I thought Melissa's was stronger.  I agree that Ven and Gunnar belonged there.  Secondly, I think Andrea's hideous apron belonged in the bottom three over Elena's structured piece.  Even Buffi's ridiculous frock was better than Andrea's apron/pouf dress.  (P.S. Buffi STILL wants to emulate Betsey Johnson, can't you tell?  That or Patricia Field.)

I wanted Ven to win (that stained-glass inspired dress was MAJOR!) and Lantie to go home.  Lantie's lame excuses and ridiculous mood/attitude were obnoxious to watch, and it made me think about all of the hopefuls who applied to Project Runway and didn't make it in while that ungrateful Real Housewife did.  Well, I got my wish!

I loved Ven's design from the time he mapped it out on the dress form.  Love love love!  He killed it!  I'm sticking to #TeamVen like last time.

As for Lantie's look... geez.  I could do better than that.  And I don't say that often about Project Runway, considering I'm a true amateur sewist.

P.S.  If you go to Project Runway's Lifetime website, you'll find that the viewer favorites are not in line with the current "leaders" on the show.  This is not what I'm used to seeing, so I'm intrigued!  Melissa and Elena seem to have a lot of fans in particular, despite not being near the top at all in the latest episode.

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