Saturday, February 4, 2012

New TV Review: @ABC_Publicity Daytime TV Shows @andersoncooper @therevolution

When I was younger, one of my favorite parts of summer vacation was watching morning television shows!  I watched The View from the day it premiered, and I always loved Live! with Regis & Kelly.  I would catch Ellen and Oprah whenever I could, and I got a lot out of those shows; they were like the "soft" news I enjoyed (Good Morning America!) and taught me a lot about hot topics in the world, healthier living, money-saving tips, and more.

A few new shows have popped up in the mornings, which unfortunately is during work for me; still, I have a DVR and enjoy catching up in the evenings!  Here are my reviews of three shows in the new lineup... ALL from ABC.

Anderson:  Oh, Anderson Cooper, you silver fox.  This show is the new Oprah, even though it airs in the morning.  He talks about controversial topics, interviews interesting people, and is a really great host.  His audience seems educated, and they ask great questions.  In addition, Anderson's journalism background really makes him reminiscent of Oprah, or Meredith Vieira in her days on The View.  I think guys will get into this show too; it's not female-centric like most daytime talk shows.  Grade: A+

The Chew:  Sigh.  I wanted to love this show, because I love Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear.  I also love food, so I thought this show focusing on eating and other topics would be up my alley.  Unfortunately, I felt like the hosts are yelling over each other and competing to be heard.  Mario Batali has a great following, and I was happy to be introduced to Dr. Oz's daughter, Daphne.  But I just felt like it was too chaotic; there were literally too many cooks in the kitchen.  I dropped it from my DVR.  But I still love you, Clinton!  Grade: C-

The Revolution:  This show follows The Chew, and every week it features somebody who is going through a 4-month transformation.  Because of the way it is filmed, they are able to show that person's progress every month in an episode.  There are five hosts, but the most well-known ones are Tim Gunn (PROJECT RUNWAY! LOVE TIM!) and Ty Pennington.  There are three other 'experts', a gynecologist, psychologist, and fitness expert.  I love this panel.  I've never been a Ty Pennington fan, but this group doesn't compete for attention, each host has their own niche, and it really gives me good information I can use in my everyday life.  I take away so many ideas for how to live a better life from these guys.  Sometimes it is a bit cheesy (even the theme song declares is a self-esteem anthem) but I enjoy it.  It has been on my DVR since its premiere.  Grade: A-

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