Monday, December 19, 2011

New TV Review: Geek Love

TLC's 'Geek Love'
I'm loving TLC's new show 'Geek Love'!  As a self-admitted geek, I've always wanted to go to Comic-Con, especially the San Diego one.  While I'm not a super Star Wars or Trekkie geek, I do love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, vampires, and a lot of movies and TV shows that fall into the realm of geeky.  (I may have gotten into the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 graphic novel series after the show ended!)  So why wouldn't I check out a show about geeks looking for love?

Description:  Dating's never easy, but try dating in a Darth Vader mask or Wonder Woman ensemble. Now meet nerd-tastic Ryan Giltch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating, who will bring viewers into the fun, quirky and sometimes bizarre world of geek-focused speed dating.

My Review:  Obviously, I find this entertaining.  Everyone deserves love, and Geek Love is a great show about some really awesome (and sometimes awkward) people in their quest to find the perfect match.  I really feel for these guys, because finding someone out there who accepts you for all of your eccentricities is hard... as a geek, you wear your quirks on your sleeve.  So the idea of sci-fi speed dating is pretty cool.  I'll be tuning in!

P.S.  I tuned in to Virgin Diaries, another new TLC series, but it was kind of a terrible show.  I do think that it had a good 'wow factor' with awkward kisses and dates, but in the end it felt like the show was exploiting rather than celebrating.  Geek Love, on the other hand, has a different feeling to it.


  1. I felt the same way about 'Virgin Diaries'--it was hard to watch and I felt that maybe the daters were coached to drop the v-bomb on their unsuspecting dates. And the whole "lets go on a triple date" thing where all the guys turned out to be wearing the virgin cape? Contrived.

    Loved 'Geek Love', though! Super cute to see all those people coming out of their shells and really getting to know each other.

  2. That is exactly how I felt... Virgin Diaries felt like they were putting these people on display and felt uncomfortably coached/set up. Geek Love felt more like a celebration of diversity.


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