Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New TV Review: All-American Muslim

The previews for this show had me intrigued...  All-American Muslim.

Description:  All-American Muslim takes a look at life in Dearborn, Michigan--home to the largest mosque in the United States--through the lens of five Muslim American families.  Each episode offers an intimate look at the customs and celebrations, misconceptions and conflicts these families face outside and within their own community.

My Review:  Look, I know a reality show about any group of people isn't a completely accurate portrayal of what other people in that same culture, location, religion, are like.  Just look at Jersey Shore, and the Real Housewives of everywhere.  But All-American Muslim, which looks at Muslim families of varying backgrounds is fascinating, and enlightening.  I really think more Americans should watch it, and maybe learn a little bit more to dispel the myths we've been dealing with since 9/11.

It's interesting to watch an Irish-Catholic groom convert to marry his Muslim bride.  It's interesting to see women who choose to wear the hijab and those who don't.  It's interesting to see a high school football team that is 95% Muslim that adjust practices for Ramadan and weathers the hatred of ignorant opponent/people at their games.

It could also open the eyes of the ignorant... these people are as American as I am.

I know it's not 100% 'accurate', but it's real to these families.  I'm going to keep watching, because I love watching shows about people that are different from me...  I occasionally watch the Duggars (large, religious family), polygamy, documentaries, and more.  This kind of reality intrigues me, not the game shows and conspicuous consumption.

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