Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekly TV Rundown

My weekly TV digest!

Afro-Blue on NBC's The Sing Off
Pan Am:  Couldn't get into this episode, and I was on the fence.  I love a period drama, but this one isn't even interesting fashion-wise.  It's off my DVR; I'm just gonna keep streaming Mad Men on Netflix instead.  Bye bye, and bon voyage ladies!

Real Housewives of New Jersey:  My review of the Reunion Part 1 is here.

Our America with Lisa Ling:  I also am excited that Our America with Lisa Ling is back with new episodes on OWN.  I've been a Lisa Ling fan since ChannelOne and her stint on The View, and this documentary-style show really shows some of the subcultures and social phenomena happening in the U.S  From faith healers to meth addicts to registered sex offenders to polygamy, Lisa really chooses thought-provoking subjects and looks at them objectively and empathetically.  I look forward to her show on Sunday night!  This most recent episode focused on amateur pornographers, specifically people who make a living (where they may not have been able to otherwise) doing live-cam sessions, and people who have had it negatively affect their lives.

The Sing Off:  The only reason I'm still watching this show is because I liked Delilah and Afro-Blue.  I didn't like the intro song, it lacked energy.  It was guilty pleasure night, so I got to hear some songs I like to dance to secretly at home.  Who chose Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' for the Yellow Jacket?  I already think they sing too effeminately.  I think the all-guys groups lacked energy.... and they keep doing songs that have been on Glee, which they can't compete with.  I'm bummed that North Shore didn't stick with 'Mmmbop', because that arrangement could have been fun and awesome!  I wasn't too impressed with Delilah's song this time (they need to PUMP it up!), and I didn't like seeing them in the bottom again with North Shore; I really liked them both.  North Shore, like most traditional barbershop groups on the show, didn't make it.  But aren't they adorable?  I also thought Urban Method and Vocal Point did well.

But overall, Afro-Blue is my new favorite!  Sorry, Delilah, but these guys kicked it.  (And I have NO idea how Afro-Blue ended up in the 'bottom' of their group.)  I don't like the method of elimination; I feel like the 'brackets' cause better teams in one group to leave before worse teams in others.  It's kind of like college sports playoffs in that regard, I guess!

The Little Couple:  Hurray for Jen and Bill moving in to their new house!!!!  (Although, Jen's mom was a bit obnoxious in not letting the designer do his job and trying to make the house into HER style.)   I love the coastal feel of their place.

Suburgatory:  Entertaining as usual.  Not much else to say!  At 30 minutes long, I can DVR this guilt-free and watch it whenever.  And it's clever enough that I don't anticipate deleting it.

ABC's Revenge
Revenge:  Holy. Cow.  Revenge was intense!  I don't think Lydia deserved what she got, but WOW.  The twists and turns on this show are incredible.  I thought it would be predictable, but this is even more intricate.  And it's not all about Amanda/Emily; the rest of the cast is very well-played.  They have  real character depth that makes the show so good.  If you're not watching Revenge, you're seriously missing out!  The one thing I haven't figured out is if Emily really care for Daniel, or if it's all just part of her plan.

Grey's Anatomy:  Good moving along episode... I really liked how April stood up for herself as Chief Resident!  The rest of the cast was kind of silly, but I do think it's great that people are doing a little better getting along.  No exciting medical stuff, just cast dramedy.

Project Runway:  
Check out my latest recap here.

In other TV commentary...
I finally watched Kim's Fairytale Wedding, i.e. Kim Kardashian's wedding extravaganza (her husband's name isn't even in the title!).  I'm not gonna lie, watching their behavior I think they'll end up divorced.  (And the gossip rags are already saying they ARE split!)  They were bickering and awful to each other quite a few episodes.  The most touching moments were her wish her father was there, and Bruce's emotions at giving away his stepdaughters.  It was a beautiful wedding, but definitely not the wedding of 2011... the Royal Wedding was the one I was actually excited about.

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