Monday, October 24, 2011

New TV Review: Once Upon a Time @OnceABC

ABC's Once Upon a Time (credit)
I was looking forward to this one!  I love fantasy, and this was really the show with the best previews for fall!  Once Upon a Time is all about fairy tales meeting the modern world.

Description:  On Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding day, the Evil Queen threatens everyone with a curse, a curse that would land them all in exile: present-day Storybrooke, Maine.  All of the fairy tale characters are stuck, without time moving forward, with no recollection of who they were.  As prophesied, the protected daughter of Snow White, Emma, finds herself unexpectedly in Storybrooke, where the son she abandoned tries to help her break the spell and restore happily ever after.

My Review:  First off, I love Ginnifer Goodwin (from Big Love) and Jennifer Morrison (from House)!  They actually look enough alike to play the mother-daughter pair they portray, and they are great actresses!  This pilot episode was obviously the setup, so it moved along at a pace different from what the show will be from now on, but I really enjoyed it.  I think it has great depth, and I can see all of the storybook characters even when they aren't mentioned (innkeeper/daughter=Red Riding Hood/Grandma!).  I think I'll be tuning in to this one on Sundays!  It has the whimsy of another show I loved (that was prematurely cancelled), Pushing Daisies.  Hurray for whimsy and imaginative TV!


  1. We are DVRing all of these, really liked it last night also. I really love that it's on at 8 so I can actually watch it before passing out. Dexter and most other shows I have to watch on a different evening.

    Have you watched American Horror Story? I really like it too.

  2. I haved DVRed a couple episodes of American Horror Story, but I don't want to watch them until I can find the Pilot to see that first! I don't like scary/creepy things, but the show actually looks good.

  3. We watched the pilot on Comcast On Demand, if you have it. It has A LOT more nudity and sex stuff than the ones they air on TV.


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